Carpet Cleaning

Are you embarrassed to invite your friends and family around to your house because your carpet is in a mess? Has your new cat or dog left embarrassing stains and odors on your carpet?

Keep your Carpets Clean

Has your property been affected by water damage? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it may be time to call in the best carpet cleaning service in Chesapeake! The team at Southside Restoration and Cleaning are able to offer the most effective carpet cleaning in Chesapeake in order to help you to restore your carpet. like-new.

Why do carpets need professionally cleaning?

If you have ever tried to clean your own carpet, then you will understand why professional carpet cleaning services exist. Many of the commonly available carpet cleaning products in Chesapeake are only designed for cleaning small patches of carpet, and are not good for use on the whole floor. Many of those who do use them will notice that they result in a patchy looking carpet, where some areas are much cleaner than others. Professional carpet cleaners are trained to be able to avoid this effect, so they will leave your carpet a consistent color.

What tools do you use for carpet cleaning in Chesapeake?

When we do any carpet cleaning in Chesapeake, we use a special truck-mounted steam extraction device which is designed to be super portable. This means that we can take it into any property, whether you live in a high-rise apartment or in a ground floor home. This machine gently steam cleans your carpet using heated, softened water, which is gentle to the fibers of your carpet, but tough on dirt and grime!

Is it safe?

All of the carpet cleaning tools and products which we use are authorized for use in the United States and they are not harmful to pets or children once the carpet has dried out. Although it is advised that you should not use the carpet for about three hours after the process has finished whilst you wait for it to dry out, after this period, the room will be perfectly safe for all of the family.

My carpet is badly damaged, can you help?

If you have experienced any problems with water damage or flood damage, we have even got a special flood extraction and drying service which is designed to help to save your carpet. As well as getting rid of the visual effects of the flood, this technique can also help to remove the unpleasant smells which can be associated with water damaged carpet.

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