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Commercial and Residential Restoration and Carpet Cleaning
Carla Johnson - Office Manager
Carla Johnson - Office Manager - has been with Southside for over 15 years

Southsides Mission

It is our mission in every facet of our business that we keep the "Customer" first.We are a service and our drive and determination everyday is to create customer who "sing our praises".

About Us

Michael Wilkerson was bitten by the entrepreneurial "bug" and chose restoration and carpet care as the vehicle.

Michael is a graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois and held corporate jobs at The Pillsbury company and QVC in logistics.

In 1994 with the support of my family we decided to create a business that would be unparalleled in servicing our customer's needs.When our clients are confronted with emergency situations we act immediately to rectify the situation and get the client back to "whole".

Our sincere desire is to have cheerleading customers and to do that we must perform 110% daily with the interest of our clients always top of mind.

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